People and planet come first

01. People
02. Planet
03. Product
04. Profit

From fabric to finish, we acknowledge responsibility for the social and environmental footprint of our technologies and operations.

Innovation in the process and the product

From the conception of the idea to the final product, the following requirements need to be met.

  • Ecological

    Solve an ecological problem and therefore reduce water, energy consumption and use of safer chemistry. The EIM software measures these variables to provide the basis for decisions.

  • Ethical

    Solving an ethical problem. Eliminating manual operation and hazardous chemicals with a huge negative impact on workers' health.

  • Efficient

    Be economically efficient. Not increasing product manufacturing cost allowing for rapid adoption. New technologies, process or services will only be launched if we can achieve the perfect product at a neutral cost.

  • Disruptive

    Being disruptive, and in consequence allowing real improvement. We do not want to improve the current model by 20% but to make it 20 times better.


As an additional contribution towards a more responsible and ethical industry, Jeanologia makes EIM accessible to the whole textile industry, and not only to our partners.

EIM is unique, it is the only software that measures the environmental footprint of garment finishing processes, it is a powerful self-accreditation tool that allows producers, brands, and retailers to monitor the amount of water, chemicals, and energy used in their production, as well as the impact they may have on workers’ health. Our target is to elevate EIM turning it into an open platform that integrates other industry initiatives. A working group formed by EIM's different users, incorporate other industry initiatives into the tool management, meaning brands and garment finishers can update EIM software scaping from individual interest.
Nowadays, EIM, has become a world standard in the whole fashion industry, more than 50 brands and 250 laundries are using it to improve their production, increase transparency and inform final consumer.

Just joining forces, we will get a Bright, Innovative, Beautiful, Creative, and Sustainable future.

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Enviromental Responsibility Report 2020