Cleaning by the air

The goal of sustainability needs to start at the beginning with fabric.

G2 Dynamic is an ozone technology for the continuous fabric finishing. It is an eco-efficient alternative for some of the most water-intensive and pollutant fabric finishing processes.

Fabrics finished with the G2 Dynamic achieve the desired results in less time, which means savings in resources both in the production of the fabric and throughout the subsequent stages in garment production.

Improves crocking and color fastness

Improves crocking and color fastness

Get cleaner fabric appearance and better contrast for laser.

High cleaning performance

High cleaning performance

Get clearer water results after 10 min rinse.



Reduce chemicals, energy, and water use, and C02 emissions.


Ozone chamber

Through two sealed water tanks, ozone remains inside the chamber.

Control Panel Screen

All G2 Dynamic parameters are controlled by software.

Ozone Sensor System

The concentration of ozone is uniform, and it's controlled inside the chamber.

Easy Maintenance

IOT system installed, in constant connection 24/7 with Jeanologia technicians.

Set Up

G2 Dynamic - Set 8X

G2 Dynamic - Set 8X

G2 Dynamic - Set 8XXV

G2 Dynamic - Set 8XXV

G2 Dynamic - Set 16X

G2 Dynamic - Set 16X


  • Production speed

    8 - 50 m/min

  • Ozone concentration in chamber

    5 - 40 g/Nm3

  • Ozone production

    5000 g/h

  • Water flow

    500 l/h

  • High-pressure foulard (chamber output)

    45 kg/cm2

  • Fabric width

    1000 - 2350 mm

  • Fabric

    Denim and woven greige fabric (no knit fabric)

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