Innovative technologies
for the textile industry

Our mission is to create an ethical, sustainable, and eco-efficient textile & apparel industry through disruptive technologies
while providing the best in service.

Today the textile industry is responsible for 20% of water pollution. Jeanologia brings new operational models to address this

About Us

We believe in business as a force for good

Jeanologia was born in 1994 with the mission of transforming the textile industry, developing technologies and eco-efficient production models. We are built upon ethical and moral principles, focused on high-performance while being environmentally friendly.
About us


Your technological partner always close at hand

We give you all the support you need to implement our transformational technologies and end-to-end digital solutions. Focused on achieving a more efficient, sustainable, and automated denim industry.

We accompany your laundry in moving from a traditional labor-intensive production model to a technological, automated, and cost-efficient model. And all of this, without sacrificing the AUTHENTIC JEANS LOOK and at the same time reducing costs and accelerating time-to-market.

The science
of dyeing

We are experts in color

Traditional color dyeing is one of the most polluting practices in our industry, as well as having high production cost. Through our revolutionary dyeing technology Colorbox, we will help you to transform the way the fashion industry colors, making it more sustainable, more effective, and faster than ever before.


Integrated solutions
that revolutionize the production model

Produce what sells instead of selling what has been produced.
Operational Models

Digital Wash Ecosystem

End to end digital solutions

Digital Wash

Always focused
on the right product

"A product is how you present yourself to the world"

Technology is at the service of the industry: the change is here. Designers simply need to adapt it to be able to have total creative freedom.


Dehydration & Detoxification

100% elimination of waste and pollution in every single pair of jeans around the world by 2025. We are ready to transform the way jeans are made, eliminating waste that harms people and the planet.

What is Mission Zero?