Integrating Jeanologia technologies and using them together as an eco-system simplifies the garment finishing process and eliminates highly hazardous practices.


Laser marking technologies for textile industry

Laser technology acts as a thermal source that eliminates the indigo dye of denim fabrics by sublimation, which means evaporating indigo from solid to gaseous form through heat. Now, perfect replication of vintage looks can be achieved using laser technology. Laser has transformed the jeans industry eliminating the harmful processes for workers, reducing operational cost, and improving environmental impact, while pioneering completely new ways for creativity.

G2 Ozone

Eco wash solutions for garment finishing - G2 Ozone

G2 is the most advanced and eco-efficient ozone technology in the textile industry. Using air from the atmosphere, G2 technology generates ozone to treat garments by reacting with fiber dyes, giving them the real look of outdoor usage. All of this is accomplished in a zero-discharge process, achieving significant savings of water and chemicals, in addition to other great benefits like cleaning any residual indigo redeposition and controlling the cast of the fabric.


Water treatment system in wash finishing processes with zero discharge - H2Zero

H2Zero is a water treatment technology that leaves water in optimal conditions for its reuse in washing finishing processes without the need of chemicals. H2Zero means ZERØ discharge and ZERØ waste.


Garment dyeing machine - ColorBox

Jeanologia offers a line of garment dyeing equipment. ColorBox is the new garment dyeing machine, that ensures low impact dyeing and color reproducibility through a simplified garment dyeing finishing process.