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What is EIM?

A Global Standard

EIM, Environmental Impact Measurement, is a unique and powerful platform developed to monitor environmental impact of garment finishing processes in an efficient and economically viable way. It is a self-accreditation tool aimed to improve environmental performance of jeans finishing at the manufacturing stage.

EIM software is specific for the garment finishing industry. It has been created to provide laundries and garment finishers, all over the world, not only Jeanologia’s clients, with an instrument to help them build more sustainable processes.

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• Objective
• Universal
• Simple
• Clear
• Economically viable
• Aligned with industry evolution
• Aligned with industry sustainable criteria

EIM scope

If there is no measurement,
there is no improvement

EIM measures environmental impact in four different categories: Water and energy needs, chemical impact, and worker impact.

Based on a recipe description, the software works in 3 steps:

1 Quantification (for each of the categories)

2 Benchmark against an environmental threshold defined for each of the categories

3 Process classification and scored as average of the 4 categories, with equal weight on the final score.

Every company and brand can use the EIM for different purposes and therefore, they can decide whether to focus on individual categories or on the overall score.

Data management

The use of data

The data obtained through the EIM helps to understand how the garment manufacturers or brands & retailers are according to the industry standard. Thus, being able to define and monitor short and long-term objectives, driving actions towards a finishing environmental footprint reduction.

Transparency and communication

Being clear is the best presentation

EIM is also a powerful tool to engage the consumer by informing about your sustainable goals and achievements in reducing the environmental impact of the products they buy
Reliable Measurements
Clear Objectives
Better Communication
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