Simple, Fast & Versatile

Nano Retail is our customization laser technology. With a compact design, Jeanologia’s Nano is the most precise laser technology on the market.

As a plug & play machine with a built-in extraction system, it’s perfect for brands and retailers to create a unique in-store experience. Nano achieves high-quality definition and the most detailed effects on a wide variety of materials.

Enhance customer experience

Enhance customer experience

Make customers a participant of your product and create a strong connection through a unique shopping event.



Engage the customer through high-quality personalization, it has never been so simple and fast, and sustainable.

Garments & Materials Versatility

Garments & Materials Versatility

Be able to work with a wide range of materials and products.


Custom galleries

Allow the customers to create their own fashion and style vision.

Light Signature

Scan drawings, designs, or images directly with the Nano Laser machine.

Large marking surface

Nano is small and compact but has a big working area (25 x 25 cm / 10”x10”).

Drill effect & Micro-perforations

The precision of these micro-holes makes high-quality results possible.

Plug & Play

Ready to start working in an instant.

eMark Software

Friendly and accessible software to work with.

Set Up

Nano retail

Nano retail


  • Preview Technology

    Red Laser Pointer

  • Working Area

    25 x 25 cm

  • Scanning Head

    Digital + UFS

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