The Science of dyeing

ColorBox offers a full line of state-of-the-art garment dyeing equipment to revolutionize the dyeing sector, one of the most polluting practices in our industry.

The ColorBox series are easy to handle and easy to use advanced technical solutions that care about people and planet. They ensure the best product outcome at the lowest production cost with the minimum impact for the planet.

Water Savings

Water Savings

Save water with ColorBox’s low liquor ratio.

Simplifies Dyeing Processes

Simplifies Dyeing Processes

Make your work easier and reduce dyeing costs with ColorBox's optimized processes.

Perfect Dosing System

Perfect Dosing System

Ensure the best dilution with minimum resources through dosing precision for color and chemicals.


Perfect Reproducibility

ColorBox 420 is the only machine on the market that can dye from 50 to 200 kg.


Ready for all kind of products, specially prepared for delicate garments.


Full range of ColorBox 420 based in different speed needs (High and Low)

Orion software

Machine management and recipe control were never so easy.


Optimized processes require less resources.

Set Up

ColorBox 420

ColorBox 420


  • Cylinder Volume

    4184 l

  • Load Capacity

    50-200 kg

  • Speed

    ColorBox 420 LS - 0-100 rpm
    ColorBox 420 HS - 0-500 rpm

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