Relaxing the fabric

Anubis is a technology based on thermal shock which relaxes the fabric allowing maximum shrinkage control without the use of water and in a short period of time.

This process, combined with the ozone treatment in G2 Dynamic, makes it possible to maximize the cleaning effect as a unique treatment for fabric finishing, with zero water use and zero discharge.

Control of shrinkage

Control of shrinkage

Achieve major fabric stability with the Anubis’s thermic shock at the beginning of the range.

The perfect combination for the ozone

The perfect combination for the ozone

Complement the continuous production line with G2 Dynamic and improve the effectiveness of ozone for high cleaning performance.

Simplify traditional process

Simplify traditional process

Obtain results comparable to those of a traditional system needing 8-10 washing boxes.


Anti-creases system

While the fabric is passing through Anubis, no creases are made.

Control panel screen

Anubis and the whole range are controlled through G2 Dynamic's panel, which acts as the master of the production line.

Counter-current system

The counter-current system controls the water use, contributing to the low water consumption.

Set Up

Anubis - Set 8xA

Anubis - Set 8xA


  • Production speed

    8 - 50 m/min

  • Water flow

    500 l/h

  • Fabric width

    1000 - 2350 mm

  • Fabric

    Denim and woven greige fabric (no knit fabric)

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