The power of simplicity

Compact laser technology has been designed for maximum production flexibility, precision, and power, with a compact design and high cost-efficiency. It meets the needs of large production, with versatile garments and detailed and accurate designs. The improved Compact has been designed to make the most of space in production centers, creating a safe and comfortable work environment for its operators.

eMark X

eMark X

Speed up the lasers with the most advanced software for laser marking.



Achieve better definition, thinner lines, and more grayscale with Dynamic Autofocus Optics system automatically modifying the spot diameter.

Light Tools

Light Tools

Attain your finishing effect easily and with precision.


Comfortable work environment

Compact allows front or side loading for handy positioning.


Safety light curtain with LED indicators.

Color Camera

Improves marking intelligence functionalities and gets a realistic preview.

Sensor System

Auto diagnostic and remote maintenance.

Light PP

The sustainable way to create localized used areas in a pair of jeans.

Set Up

Compact - Side load CMT

Compact - Side load CMT

Compact - Front load CMT

Compact - Front load CMT


  • Preview Technology

    Red Laser Pointer and Color Camera

  • Working Area

    2 Tables 150 x 75 cm

  • Scanning Head

    Dynamic Autofocus Optics

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