Eco-efficient finishing SmartBoxes

DancingBox 420 is an innovative eco-efficient washing machine adapted to perform any type of washes and garment finishing.

His patented design of Dancing Beaters maximizes the efficiency of processes, reducing water, chemicals, and energy use, whilst improving the e-Flow performance.

DB420 is available in two different models depending on the spin-drying speed: Low speed, and High speed.
e-Flow Performance

e-Flow Performance

The patented design of DB420 maximizes the efficiency of the e-Flow processes with high loads.

Orion Software

Orion Software

Make your machine management and recipe control easier than ever.



Reduce water, chemicals, and energy use in the wash finishing process with the SmartBox’s uniquely designed Dancing Beaters.


Water Savings

DB420 works with a very low liquor ratio.

Ready for e-Flow

SmartBoxes are fully optimized for best performance with e-Flow treatments.


Full range of DB420 based in different speed needs (High & Low)


Sturdy structures have less vibration allowing less space between cylinders thereby guaranteeing less water usage.

Set Up



DB420 + e-Flow K Series

DB420 + e-Flow K Series


  • Cylinder Volume

    4184 l

  • Load Capacity

    150 kg

  • Speed

    SmartBox 420 LS - 0-100 rpm
    SmartBox 420 HS - 0-500 rpm

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