The perfect editor for denim design

Digital Wash:
end-to-end digital solutions
for a more creative, efficient,
and sustainable production

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Digitalization is the way forward to achieve the transformation of the industry in a sustainable way.

eDesigner connects laser designers with wash developers, and brands with manufacturers. Simplifying the design process, digitalizing collections, and standardizing the laser process in production.

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eDesigner Tools

Easy & intuitive tools for laser designers

The state-of-the-art software developed specifically to meet the needs of denim garment design in a digital environment.

eDesigner allows quick design in a very intuitive way, whether editing existing assets or starting completely from scratch, even if you are not an experienced laser designer.


Full access to Jeanologia know-how

Transfer of Jeanologia KNOW-HOW in a unique platform, where being inspired and explore for new ideas is simple and straightforward, thanks to the many categories and filters. 

Hyper realistic visualisation

Digital Twin

With the Digital Twins powered by our latest resources, eFabric and eFit, it is possible to experience a revolutionary approach to create hyper realistic 2D digital finishes, easy to recreate IRL enhancing work efficiency. 

What you see is what you get

The render engine of eDesigner is so powerful that you will be able to develop Virtual Collections with the confidence of what you see on the screen is what you will get as a result.

Tech Pack

Easy communication from lab to bulk

Remarkably, the final digital files, containing the approved designs, can be sent to all production centers around the world - nearshore / offshore - to accurately turn them into an actual jeans' production.

80% less physical samples

No time or money to waste

Through an eco-efficient communication provided by eDesigner, product development lead-time is shortened by months, and the unnecessary expense and environmental impact of multiple physical sample iterations coming and going around the world to validate a design will be eliminated.
Perfect editor for denim design
Jeanologia know-how
Hyper realistic visualizations
Digital Wash
Agile & clear communication