The light accuracy

Nano Industrial is perfect for finishing processes. It uses the most accurate laser technology on the market to create localized damages and pocket details, as well as labels. It is also able to achieve the high-quality micro-breaks without harming the seams and avoiding manual grinding process.

Jeanologia’s Nano Industrial offers a new way to apply the drilling effect, with high-definition micro-perforations on denim, sportswear, or other materials.

New possibilities

New possibilities

Expand your options free of waste or pollution.

High Precision

High Precision

Get perfect reproducibility with the most precise and detailed effects.

Garment versatility

Garment versatility

Benefit from the versatility of its working area: Jeans, shorts, skirts, jackets, T-shirts, shirts, and accessories are easy to position.


Large Marking Surface

Nano is small and compact but has a big working area (25 x 25 cm / 10”x10”).


A new way to apply micro-breaks at an industrial level.

Drill effect & Micro-perforations

The precision of these micro-holes makes high-quality results possible.

Plug & Play

Ready to start working in a instant.

eMark X

Speed up the lasers with the most advanced software for laser marking.

Set Up

Fixed table

Fixed table


  • Preview Technology

    Red Laser Pointer

  • Working Area

    25 x 25 cm

  • Scanning Head

    Digital + UFS

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