For Jeanologia, people and planet come first

At Jeanologia, we put people and the planet at the center. We are convinced that a better world is shaped by people connected through honesty and respect.


In Jeanologia we work every day to achieve a sustainable textile industry through eco-efficient and disruptive technologies. For this reason, we join forces with the main brands and suppliers to lead the change towards the total detoxification of the jeans’ industry, guaranteeing zero contamination and reducing the use of water, chemicals and energy in the production process.

This commitment to the environment has led us to join international initiatives that aim for sustainability in the textile industry. Jeanologia is now part of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition and also a member of the Partnership for Cleaner Textile in Bangladesh.

Our objective for 2025 is to achieve the total dehydration and detoxification of the jeans’ industry. To make this goal a reality it is important that we all work together and using common standards. This is why we launched the EIM (Environmental Impact Measuring) software in 2011, and made it available to the textile industry. This tool assesses the environmental impact of the garment finishing processes by measuring key factors like water and energy consumption, the use of chemicals and the health and safety of workers; giving brands and laundries the tools they need to set goals and monitor their progress on the road to sustainability.


Jeanologia is not only committed to the environment, but also to society. We are collaborating on several social projects in which we believe we can make a real change. These are not sporadic actions; we engage in long-lasting humanitarian and educational projects, with a focus on the least priviledged and the young that are seeking opportunities.

Being conscious of the importance of water, especially in underdeveloped countries, we decided to collaborate with the non-profit foundation Amigos de Rimkieta with projects that improve the quality of life in Rimkieta, one of the poorest areas in Burkina Faso.

We also support Asindown Foundation with a program that promotes creative abilities, job opportunities and social inclusion by giving people with Down Syndrome a real work experience.

Besides this, we launched The School, a scholarship program that gives training and employment to new laser designers that will work for our clients in their production centres all over the world.