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Jeanologia is the world leader in sustainable and efficient finishing technologies for textile, coding, packaging, and other industrial applications.
We have succeeded as a team of designers and engineers, researchers and economists, all working together for developing technologies that will change industries and will save people’s lives.


The company is highly committed to industrial productivity, energy efficiency, environmental and human respect
“What matters is not only the product itself, but also the way in which it is made, how it is produced.”


Jeanologia has a global presence with strategically located offices & technical service hubs ALL OVER THE WORLD.
Jeanologia is present across 5 continents in more than 45 countries.


Our After Sale Teams works all over the world with offices and hubs on five continents to provide the most rapid and adequate solutions. We created our “The Best in Service” initiative, aimed at continuous improvement of our technical and after sales service.

One Machine, Absolute Versatility.

Higher Productivity.

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Ozone G2 Plus completa


Washed by the atmosphere

G2 is more than an all-in-one ozone machine. It’s a safe and ecological way to wash garments achieving the best reproducibility in the market. The patented technology offers best productivity and SCALABILITY with minimum electric consumption.


Customization for Retail

With a mini design, Jeanologia Nano is the most precise laser technology on the market. The nano achieves high-resolution marking. it’s a Plug & Play machine with a built-in extraction system, perfect for stores.



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