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G2 is the latest and most eco efficient ozone textile technology, the result of 15 years of constant innovation in the garment finishing industry.

The x-arc generator, produced by our company to be the optimal match for the G2, takes air from the atmosphere and transforms it into ozone, liberating the particles inside the tumbler to produce results such as the elimination of indigo dye excess or the reproduction of the bleaching effect to give garments the real look of outdoor usage.

All of this is accomplished in a zero discharge process without water or chemicals and with a considerable reduction in the steps required to produce denim and knits. That is why G2 is the only technology certified as ecological and safe by an independent laboratory.

G2 Cube


G2 cube allows for industrial production with dry or wet garments. In dry processes the ozone effectively cleans the garment, improving the whiteness of used areas and eliminating the backstaining.

By applying ozone to wet garments we accomplish the bleaching effect without chemicals and in just one step. This sustainable process can be used to fade down colors both in denim and knits.


G2 e

G2 E

G2 e allows for industrial production with dry or wet garments. It is perfect for pre-ozonic treatments, with which you will be able to clean the garments without water, notably improving their crocking while saving time and resources by reducing the steps and processing time.


G2 Lab


G2 Lab has been developed for testing and sampling. It will enable you to experiment with all the processes and effects that can be attained with production machines. A perfect reproducibility is granted from lab to bulk since the recipes can be transferred from one to the other ensuring the results are the same.


G2 Cube Twin


Ozone processing systems generate zero waste because the ozone is transformed back to regular air once the process is done, but this requires a few minutes, just as the charging and discharging of the garments does.

G2 Twin is designed for maximum power and to be a non stop process by connecting two G2 Cube with one ozone generator, so that the x-arc generator is always providing ozone to one of the tumblers, while the other has finished one cycle and is being prepared for the next one.