From our headquarters in Valencia, Jeanologia coordinates the work of over 200 jeanologist spread throughout the world. Our headquarters count with a complete development center to test our latest innovations and explore the possibilities of sustainable finishes. These demo centers can also be found in our facilities at Turkey and Brazil.

We develop and manufacture our laser technology in our center at Barcelona (Spain) and our G2 ozone technology is also produced in-house at our manufacturing center in Izmir (Turkey).


Jeanologia offers more than a one-time service, we build a business relationship. We become the technological partners of our clients and the key of our success is teamwork and the added value we provide in everything we do, creating a business network in the finishing industry.

“The Best in Service” is our initiative to aim for the continuous improvement of our technical and after sales service.

Jeanologia provides its customers with spare parts and technical support from strategically located offices and hubs all over the world.

We are present in 60 countries across 5 continents

Our worldwide services also include local Brainbox teams, a group of laser designers and washing experts, ready to share their know-how and work hand in hand with our customers through trainings and workshops, to explore the infinite design possibilities of our technology.