Jeanologia will present EIM in Bangladesh, the first software able to measure the environmental impact of the textile industry

Begoña García, head of sustainable processes of Jeanologia, will participate in the “The Bangladesh Water PaCt” which will also display technology developed by the company for sustainable garment finishing.

Since 2013 Jeanologia has a training center in Bangladesh specialized in laser technology and ozone to improve the conditions of workers in the jean industry and respect the environment.

The next 11th of June, Begoña García responsible of sustainable processes for Jeanologia, will perform a workshop at this center in which laundries and brands will learn how to optimize their production processes and reduce their EIM score for, in this way, achieve more sustainable production.

 Through this project, Jeanologia wants to contribute to the textile industry in such an important market as the Bangladeshi with about 44,000 textile factories that has become the country with the world’s largest textile production.

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