conferencia jordi

conferencia jordi

Jeanologia is attending the first edition of Denimsandjeans India trade show, finishing today in the city of Bangalore. The Spanish company, specialized in developing sustainable solutions for garment finishing, is presenting High Dynamic Range, the new hyperbolic laser power management which reduces jeans production time by 30%. This revolutionary generation of laser increases the dynamic contrast of tones and creates a sensation of depth closer to the real thing, achieving more natural and three-dimensional designs. HDR also dramatically improves creativity and guarantees quality with “what you see is what you get”.
During the trade fair, Jordi Juani, Division Director from Jeanologia has given a talk on “The evolution of jeans finishing, from manual to technological”. Juani took a journey from traditional methods for finishing jeans, based on manual labor with high water and chemical consumption, to the current transformation that the industry is experiencing with eco-efficient and sustainable technologies from Jeanologia. The new model uses technology as its main tool to obtain the right product with maximum quality, while also reducing environmental impact, production costs and time-to-market.
Juani has remarked how technology helps in improving design, by providing new possibilities of finishes, not possible with traditional techniques. Also technologies can contribute to improve price by improving production efficiency, optimizing production cost, Juani said. Also with technologies “we can be more sustainable using less natural resources, reducing waste and discharges to environment”, Juani added. Another factor is the quality. With technologies “we have less dependence on human factor and we can avoid second qualities and rejections and also the harmful use of Potassium Permanganate (PP spray). With Jeanologia laser technologies we eliminate PP spray, Juani said.

One glass, one garment

One glass, one garment was also present at Denimsandjeans. Juani mentioned at his speech how Jeanologia has succeed in reducing the maximum use of water in garment finishing. The efficient combination of laser technology, the ozone and the eFlow nanobubbles gets the finish of jeans with only a glass of water rather than the average of 70 liters which are needed. This revolutionary sustainable process achieves authentic vintage finishes, dark look, soft type rinse, aged and dirty and natural used effects, Juani said.

Jeanologia in India

Since 2004 Jeanologia has been fostering a change in the jeans industry in India directly investing in the country. Of India’s sustainable garment finishing technology, 90% of the market currently bears the Spanish company’s stamp.
Jeanologia develops major projects for export companies and national producers like Shahi, Arvind, Everblue (Raymonds), KG denim, FFI, Shell Apparels, Orient Craft, Anish India and many others.
In the north of India, Jeanologia has the support of market leaders such as Anupam, Modern DyeingorGlobewash implementing their new technologies.
In Bangalore and New Delhi, Jeanologia has an experienced and dynamic team of technical specialists whodirectly serve the needs of its clients.


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