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Jeanologia presents “One Glass, One Garment”, the finishing process which reduces the maximum use of water in garment finishing

  • The efficient combination of laser technology, the ozone and the eFlow nanobubbles gets the finish of jeans with only a glass of water rather than the average 70 liters which is needed.

  •  This revolutionary sustainable process achieves with eFlow technology authentic vintage finishes, dark look, soft type rinse, aged and dirty and natural used effects.

Jeanologia drives the transformation of the textile industry towards sustainability introducing in the ‘One Glass, One Garment, for the first time a process that manages to minimize the use of water in jean finishing. The leading Spanish company in the development of sustainable solutions for the textile industry, has succeeded in reducing the amount of water that is needed to give the final look of jeans to a single glass when on average 70 liters of water are used.

The revolutionary new ‘One Glass, One Garment’ finishing process is made possible by the efficient combination of Jeanologia technologies: laser, the ozone G2 and the nanobubbles eFlow, the latter being the integral ingredient which allows the reduction of jean finishing to a single glass of water.

The new sustainable process that Jeanologia puts at the disposal of the industry get finishes like dark look and soft type rinse, authentic vintage finish due to the combination of the laser and the eFlow. Moreover the natural used look, aged and dirty effects through the tinted with eFlow technology. The finishing possibilities with ‘One Glass, One Garment’ are endless.

Jeanologia has been developing sustainable solutions to improve the textile finishing industry since 1993. With the Light Solutions, the process of low-impact ‘One Glass, One Garment’ and EIM software allowing to measure the environmental impact of production, the Spanish firm is contributing to the transformation of the industry towards a transparent, efficient, automated, and creative industry Denim.

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