Our mission is to create an ethical, sustainable and eco-efficient textile & apparel industry.

We aim to become the technological partner of our clients, accompanying them through their process of change, and adding value at each step. Offering them disruptive technologies that break the norm, enabling innovative and transformative ways of doing things.

And we do it following our “The Best in service” initiative, with the rigor and service quality of a multinational, but with the capability to react and the closeness of a local business. We inspire loyalty in our clients by providing them with the best after-sales service that they have ever experienced.


Our vision is to become a transformative vehicle in our world, creating a positive impact on society.

“We believe in business as a force for good”

We believe that through businesses we can transform the world. A new way of doing business exists, one in which the final goal is not purely financial profit.

The main concerns of our modern era are to do with the sustainable use of resources and traditional economy has made incredible advances in life-quality, but it has also contributed to the problem.

It´s time to change.

“People and planet come first”

Our aspiration is to put creativity, innovation, technology and the driving force of business initiative not only at the service of financial profit, but also at the service of a prosperous and sustainable world. We believe in the virtuous circle that this change generates, and we believe that it is the only way to make the benefit sustainable.