Jeanologia removes PP Spray,

the last harmful process for workers and environment

Light PP Spray Garment

  • The laser solution PP Spray Light eliminates the chemical spray still used by 2 million workers worldwide.
  • In four years, the Spanish company has managed to find alternative techniques to all dangerous processes of jeans finishing for workers and environment.
  • Between 2011 and 2014 replaced the sandblasting, stone wash and the manual scraping by lighting solutions. Now with PP Light Spray does away with the PP (potassium permanganate) spray

Jeanologia has managed to eliminate the PP (potassium permanganate) Spray of industrial production processes of Jeans by a laser solution. This is the latest development that the company launched in the last Denim Première Vision.

The PP Spray, used to create located used areas in a pair of jeans was the last polluting and harmful technique to the health of workers and the environment that had no substitute yet. The Spanish leading developer of sustainable technology for garment finishing company achieves with this new development a perfect production cycle eliminating all dangerous techniques in jeans finishing industry.

In 2011, Jeanologia eliminated the use of Sand Blast with its Light Solutions; in 2012 ended with the Stonewash by Light Stoner; in 2013, the Light Scraper of Jeanologia eradicates manual scraping and now replaces spray of potassium permanganate with Light PP Spray. With the light of laser, Jeanologia has ended 4 adverse health and environmental processes used in the textile industry.

The PP Spray is the most dangerous practice for the health and safety of workers. It is done with a spray-gun that transforms chemicals into micro-particles absorbed by people who perform this technique although precautions taken and causing them lung problems. With Light PP Spray the last damaging process in the textile industry is history

There are currently 2 million people who continue to work with the technique of PP Spray.

Ecology, efficiency and transparency are the principles that guide the technical development of Jeanologia. With the laser solutions of the Spanish company, the textile industry can now replace harmful processes of Denim finishing into clean processes for workers and environment.

Jeanologia CEO, Enrique Silla stated that: “the elimination of potassium permanganate spray by the use of laser “is a milestone for the textile industry because it transforms the process of jeans production in the world. We´ve managed to replace all hazardous technology techniques for workers and emissions of the textile industry that, in the last four years have been reduced to 0%. “

 Jeanologia lauch the first collection created without permanganate spray replaced by light PP thus achieving the effect of located used without compromising the final look, and at the same time without harm workers and the environment.

The technology that eliminates the use of PP Spray, Light PP Spray, will be used exclusively for a year by Jeanologia 200 partners in 47 countries representing 40% of world production of denim.

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