Jeanologia and Lenzing Light Sensitive Fiber

Jeanologia and Lenzing
Light Sensitive Fiber

Traditionally fashion laundry has been a low-tech industry driven by manual labor and poor environmental standards. However the apparel industry is starting to turn to technology – not only to reduce its reliance on workers, but also to drive new product development and new environmental thinking.



As Jeanologia have developed their business to become the leading thinkers and suppliers of sustainable laundry machines and techniques, new opportunities have arisen with TENCEL® fabrics.
Under the banner of “Light Sensitive”, Lenzing and Jeanologia have conducted a study to demonstrate the advantages of laser technology when using TENCEL® fabrics.


“Effective laser marking requires quick and effective dye removal, clear image definition, sharp image outline and smooth grey scale transition. Fabrics that contain TENCEL® have the above desired characteristics and are the perfect fabrics to work with laser” said Begoña Garcia, Senior Technologist at Jeanologia,


“The relationship between TENCEL® & Jeanologia dates back to 1994 and between then and now we have participated in many different projects together. The relationship is such that they now are highly familiar with each-others know-how, such that working together has become almost second nature.” said Michael Kininmonth, Project Manager from Lenzing.


The webinar will take place on Wednesday, February 15th at 10:00 EST / 16:00CET – presenting will be Michael Kininmonth from Lenzing, supported by Begoña Garcia from Jeanologia. To register for the webinar:




Video Light sensitive Fabric Test 

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