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Jeanologia presents at Bangladesh Denim Expo its new capsule collection, based in the concept ‘from analog to digital’

This concept consists of showing two identical garments face-to-face. In the first one, a real running style is reproduced by traditional methods (analog), while in the second one, the same style is achieved through the most advanced technology (digital). As Jordi Juani, Director of Jeanologia’s Asian Division, explains “The traditional model was the one being used in the country; production with low added value and based on manual processes and, the digital model is the one that we have been introducing and attains a high added value product, completely sustainable and with less production time.”

Jeanologia is leading the digital revolution, guiding Bangladeshi industry as their technological partner and moving towards new productive models; completely technological, sustainable and respectful of workers’ health.

Prove of this, is the new collection 100% Made in Bangladesh that is being presented in the tradeshow. In its production, through the combination of Jeanologia’s technologies (laser, ozone and e-Flow), we have achieved 80% of water and 50% of chemical savings, while reducing the production time 30% compared with traditional production methods. And all of this, in a process entirely done in Bangladesh, from the fabric, carefully selected through the Light Sensitive Fabric test, to the garment finishing, which environmental impact has been measured with EIM software “closing the cycle perfectly, getting completely sustainable results and respecting workers’ health”.

With this initiative, Jeanologia and Bangladeshi textile industry demonstrate that, joining efforts, we can move towards our mission of creating an ethical industry, eco-efficient and sustainable.

Jeanologia in Bangladesh

Jeanologia has been in Bangladesh for over 15 years supporting the country’s industry, contributing advisory services and leading-edge technology to improve efficiency and end finishing. To do so, it works shoulder-to-shoulder with the main jeans manufacturers, always keeping respect for workers’ health and the environment as a guiding principle.

The company has an international and local multi-disciplinary team that provides comprehensive technical service, support and training. More than 20 people are making the objective of transforming the Bangladeshi textile industry into one of the most advanced, clean and respectful of workers’ health and the planet a reality.

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