body optix

body optix

Jeanologia laser has been the most precise technology to launch in Europe the innovative Lee Jeans’s Body Optix collection. Jeanologia has been VF’s technological partner in order to bring high precision and sustainable technology to produce body-enhancing looks. Thanks to Jeanologia laser optical effects have been created onto the fabric getting a longer leg or more flattering rear, calibrated pocket shapes and placements along with a strategic design.

Brainbox Jeanologia department has worked closely together to scientist and designers at VF cognitive and Design Lab by bringing a huge experience in laser design and laser technologies. “What we got with laser was highlight and shade parts of the body, creating flattering styles”, Fernando Cardona, Jeanologia Brainbox director explains. Normally lasers have long been used to create worn-effects on denim and this is basically doing the opposite, by using the light, in order to enhance the wearer in the best way possible.

Jeanologia is pioneer and worldwide leader in the development and application of advanced lasers produced in house for fabric and garment finishing market. Currently, top fashion brands are producing their garments by using Jeanologia technologies.

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