The desire to combine Science & fashion, engineering & art, will be exhibited in the space Jeanologia and Denim by PV Jeans Gallery. All components and methods that converge into one garment and make it unique.

Jeanologia in collaboration with 10 weavers exhibiting at the show (ISKO/ PROSPERITY TEXTILE/ ORTA/ TAVEX/ BOSSA/ AMC/ CONE DENIM/ ARVIND/ UCO/CANDIANI) has developed a unique Expo- JEANETICS- where Each garment is presented along with an interactive tool. With it, the visitor goes through all those processes and stages that form identity and look of the piece at the end of the finishing process. Each process can be seen separately or as part of a set in the “jeanetic chain” of the garments. Each process is essential and indispensable to achieve the final look of the garment and constitutes a vital part of the visual information of each jean.


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