Jeanologia has been this weekend at London fashion week with Lee Jeans and Tommy Hilfiger by giving support to this couple of the most iconic brands in the International Jeans scenario. Jeanologia brought to London laser customization experience with Jeanologia Nano, the most precise laser technology in the market to reproduce designs specially conceived for retail.

Nano Customization was one of the main attractions of American designer Tommy Hilfiger at London Fashion Week. TommyNow Rock Circus was the spectacular scenario, where the brand displayed all its charm. In this case, the Roundhouse concert venue was the place for the show where celebrities and brand ambassadors had the opportunity to customize their own garments in a creative and self -experience.

Jeanologia also was with Lee Jeans at London Fashion Week. Laser was the highlighted technology, and, specially the Nano CustomStation. The Jeanologia Customization Team created personalized garments for all Lee Jean guests and brand lovers at the charming Edition Hotel in the City.

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