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Presenting the sourcing model of the future at ITMA

Jeanologia is introducing at ITMA a new operational model that simplifies processes and reduces times, marking the beginning of a new era in the textile industry. Digitalization and sustainability have been key in the development of this new model. We have combined and connected all our technologies, achieving the perfect integration between hardware and software to allow a production that is completely ecological without loosing focus on product authenticity.

Through the digitalization of processes, we have created an agile and efficient way of producing that drastically reduces lead times from months to weeks, or even days, allowing brands and manufacturers to adapt instantly to the changing market needs.

“For the first time in history we have the necessary technology that allows us to make short and fast series making it possible to produce what sells instead of selling what is produced.”
Enrique Silla, CEO Jeanologia

This innovative production process also reduces to a minimum the use of water and chemicals, obtaining significative savings, eliminating discharge and all the processes that are harmful for workers and the environment.

Our new operational model delivers five fundamental benefits to the textile industry: it is eco-efficient, cost neutral, scalable, agile and digital; connecting design, production and consumer.

The result is a Laundry 5.Zero, the first garment finishing plant that guarantees zero pollution and achieves a saving of 85% in water. This operational center produces sustainably on an industrial scale by efficiently combining our technologies — Laser, G2 ozone, e-Flow, Smart Boxes and H2Zero, our new water recycling system.

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