jeanologia ozone machine eco G2

jeanologia ozone machine eco G2

Jeanologia has contributed to a saving of around 8 million cubic meters of water in 2017 with their technology. This is the equivalent to the quantity of water needed for human consumption in one year in the city of Miami.

This saving has been possible thanks to the laser, ozone and eflow technology in use in the 60 countries Jeanologia is present in. Not only water, but these technologies also allow the reduction in energy and chemical use, at the same time as increasing industrial productivity.

Enrique Silla, CEO at Jeanologia, highlights that “We constantly work with the objective of achieving a completely sustainable industry. That’s why we unite forces with the leading brands and providers to guarantee zero pollution, eliminate harmful emissions and residues, as well as dramatically reducing water, chemical and energy consumption in the production process.”

“To achieve this,” Silla continues, “we have developed the EIM -Environmental Impact Measuring software, the only software on the market capable of analyzing the environmental impact within the sector of garment finishing. With the EIM we have created an industry standard that makes it possible to measure the environmental footprint of the production process, which are already being used by renowned brands” such as M&S, Tommy Hilfiger or H&M.
Every day water as a resource is becoming scarcer, and the optimization of its consumption is fundamental. According to the calculations of the World Economic Forum the demand for water will have increased by 40% in 2030. This means that “it is essential we create more efficient process and with minimal environmental impact”, indicates the CEO at Jeanologia.

That is why the company has set out as its challenge for the coming years to save 85% on water and chemical use with the first ever Laundry 5 Zero. It is a pioneering wash system that combines laser, ozone, eflow and H2Zero technology, guaranteeing “zero” waste and “zero” pollution.

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