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The jeans´ universe has turned upside-down. From now on the focus is on fashion and passion. Don´t be afraid of standing out of the crowd. Be different, be original, be authentic, be mad, be creative, be rebel… REVERSE YOUR MIND!

Creativity is yet to be explored! It´s time to learn to look at things from a different perspective, from a new point of view… A completely new vision of the world from the bottom to the top has been invented, and it´s called UPSIDE-DOWN DESIGN.

GROUND ZERO is the new mantra.

The lack of emotions in the jeans industry is causing the new fashion revolution.

The face and the core of the denim is being changed focusing on both the design and the sustainability. Fashion Ground and Nature Ground are no longer simple words but the stark reality of our world.

The new jeans signature is at the bottom of the jeans: now you can play with the width and the length starting from the floor, make them look worn down through the use, let them touch the ground and literally SWEEP THE PLANET and leave, not just a footprint, but a HEMPRINT on the EARTH. Stay green and keep your feet on the ground!

HEMOTION is the newly born child of the visionary designer and illustrator François Girbaud and the Spanish technological company Jeanologia. It´s created with the purpose of welcoming fresh ideas to the market and bringing back emotion, risk and creativity to the denim industry. A wide range of ideas and proposals destined to inspire designers, finishing developers and creative people in general, offers a glimpse to the fascinating world of technological & sustainable inventions.

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