Washed by the atmosphere

With almost 20 years of experience in ozone finishing, G2 Atmos is the latest step in ozone technology for garment finishing.

G2 Atmos enables production centers to greatly reduce water and chemicals use, eliminating pumice stones to achieve the right shade faster, sustainably, and at lower costs.



Achieve amazing abrasion effects without the need for stones or water.



Reduce your production costs with the new garment preparation.



Save with Jeanologia’s sustainable Atmospheric process compared with a traditional stone wash.


Dry Cleaning

Superb results through dry cleanings, such as the elimination of the backstaining.

Ozone Generator

X-Arc ozone generators developed and produced by Jeanologia since 2015.

Oxygen Generator

PSA oxygen generators developed and produced by Jeanologia.

Fast & Easy Unload

Its increased tilting angle and its large door allow a convenient and quick unloading of garments.

New Generation Extraction System

Increasing productivity by reducing total process time with a faster and safer extraction system.

Orion Software

Machine management and recipe control were never so easy.

Set Up

G2 Atmos

G2 Atmos

G2 Atmos Twin System

G2 Atmos Twin System


  • Ozone Production

    1000 / 1200 g/h

  • Tumbler Dimensions

    140 x ⌀170 cm

  • Load Capacity

    100 / 130 kg

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