Enrique Silla: Jaume I Award to the Enterpreneur 2018

Enrique Silla received the Jaume I Award to the Enterpreneur in a ceremony conducted by King Felipe VI that was held at the historical Lonja de la Seda, in Valencia.

This prestigious award comes as a recognition of the technological transformation of the garment finishing industry that he has led from Jeanologia. He has shared this success with all jeanologist, in a celebration where he has thanked the team for their daily job that has turned sustainable production into a reality.

In his speech, he remarked the importance of ensuring that the advances in research make it to the market, so they don’t “fall on deaf ears”. He pointed out that “there is no innovation without implementation”, since it is through their materialization that ideas create a positive impact in society. In this sense, and with the objective of breaking down the walls between research and the corporate world, Enrique Silla announced that the prize will be used to create, alongside the Universitat Politècnica de València, a university chair in sustainability.

Furthermore, he seized the chance to reaffirm Jeanologia’s commitment to reach the total dehydration and detoxification of jeans, so that in 5 years’ time the whole global production is done sustainably and without polluting the rivers and seas of our planet.

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