Jeanologia has launched the software eMark 3.0 the most advanced and unique integrated software, completely developed for fast Apparel Laser Design and aim at production designers.

eMark Light tools enables straightforward solutions that enhance industrial productivity, whilst ensuring energy efficiency and respect towards the environment and humans.

Through the Light ripper tool, its possible to create different types of damages, from heavily worn-in looks with breaks & over repairs to creative and original damaged patterns that revives the traditional denim base.

The Light Scraper creates authentic virtual slubs on standard denim fabric, creating open end denim, ring spun denim, crosshatch or slub. Hazardous jobs will no longer be part of our industry and the hand sanding reprocesses will be eliminated.

The Light PP Spray allows the replacement permanently of the potassium permanganate spray.  Achieving the position used effect without compromising the final look, and at the same time without harm workers and the environment.

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