Eim manual

Eim manual

M&S Collection Slim Fit Selvedge Denim- T17 6591M- £45 Indigo


M&S Collection Slim Fit Selvedge Denim- T17 6594M- £45 Charcoal

M&S has launched the sustainable selvedge denim men’s jeans using Jeanologia technologies. Thanks to these sustainable and efficient technologies, the jeans have been manufactured using less water (14 liters, rather than the average 70 liters which is needed), energy and chemicals than conventional methods.

Also, Jeanologia scored the green profile of the jean washing process using the Environmental Impact Measuring (EIM) software. EIM measures energy, water and chemical consumption and how they affect productions and brand ecological footprint. A standard pair of jeans usually scores 33 on the EIM. The new M&S production method scores 21, instead.

“We worked hard to engineer the colour of the fabric to be dyed as close as possible to the desired finished look, and then used a washing process that used less time in the machine compared to a standard wash, which meant less water, less energy and fewer chemicals were used”, explains M&S Mens Spokesperson. When the EIM results came back with a score of 21 it was a pleasant surprise, as in all of our discussions with factories and laundries we had never heard of a score this low, manager adds.

“Our commitment is to bring sustainable and efficient solutions to garment finishing industry and help brands like M & S to be more respectful with environment”, says Jeanologia Marketing manager, Carmen Silla. “More and more brands are trusting on our technologies and they are becoming more conscious about environmental impact of their garments. For that reason, we created EIM, which is a powerful self-accreditation tool for industrial companies and brands”. “By measuring current impact is easy to identify areas of improvement, define action and monitor them to become more sustainable”. finishes Silla.

This new collection has been designed as part of the M&S Plan A 2025 commitments to help build a sustainable future, by having a positive impact on communities and the planet.

The end result is a range of four colours of slim fit, more sustainable selvedge denim jeans, selling for £45, with recycled polyester thread and zip tape and a biodegradable leather patch. M&S also supports responsible cotton production through the Better Cotton Initiative.

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