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We will be at Denims and Jeans India on August the 1st and 2nd, where we will introduce a new capsule collection “Made in India”. This collection has been produced through completely digital methods by using a combination of our technologies. We are proving that “India is technologically prepared to offer a premium and commertial product at a competitive price while respecting the environment and workers’ health”.

Jeanologia will also take part in “The dawn of a new era in denim” panel, on August the 2nd at 12:00. We will discuss how the digital revolution allows us to bring a radical change to denim production and how, if all the players of the industry work together, we can make it sustainable and eco-efficient.

Jeanologia in India

Jeanologia has been in India for 14 years, promoting the turn of the jeans industry towards sustainability with a direct presence in the country. Nowadays, over 80% of the sustainable production of garment finishing in India bears the stamp of this company.

Thanks to its experienced local technical service, Jeanologia is able to supply to its clients’ needs in a fast and efficient way. This is why the leaders of the Indian market place their trust in us.

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