Jeanologia will present at Denim by PV its new technology:” Dynamic Laser & Eco” that uses laser and ozone during first stages of production.

The Laser Dynamic and G2 Dynamic machines developed by the Spanish company transfer sustainable technologies to continuous fabric, saving water, energy and chemicals.

Jeanologia collaborates with Denim by Premiere Vision in creating its vintage space, with the exhibition “TRUTH & LIGHT”   featuring authentic vintage garments and thereof clones developed with technology of the company.

Jeanologia and Denim by PV Barcelona work together in creating Vintage space  “Truth & Light”
Denim by PV Barcelona, ​​in its first edition, has chosen Jeanologia to create the vintage space area trends with its exhibition TRUTH & LIGHT, illustrating the major advances that have been made with laser technology in recent years towards reaching a pure vintage.
With reference to this exhibition, Enrique Silla said that “at present how to make an authentic and creative garment is through technology. Jeanologia, during its 20 years of experience has researched and introduced new techniques to reach Pure Vintage. “
In order to achieve the creation of a vintage garment in a natural, efficient and sustainable manner, Jeanologia has created tools such as Fabric Core Character to achieve laser vintage effects as the stone, ring, snake and patchiness, the Light Ripper to get damages, and Denim Elements.

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