Light Sensitive Fabric Test

Jeanologia puts at the disposal of the denim industry its Light Sensitive Fabric test, a standard system that lets you know a priori what fabrics are suitable for sustainable finishes and what are the creative possibilities offered Jeanologia offers the industry a study that analyzes the reaction of fabrics to the new sustainable processes, in…


An original idea of François Girbaud, powered by Jeanologia. UPSIDE-DOWN. REVERSE YOUR MIND The jeans´ universe has turned upside-down. From now on the focus is on fashion and passion. Don´t be afraid of standing out of the crowd. Be different, be original, be authentic, be mad, be creative, be rebel… REVERSE YOUR MIND! Creativity is…


Jeanologia has launched the software eMark 3.0 the most advanced and unique integrated software, completely developed for fast Apparel Laser Design and aim at production designers. eMark Light tools enables straightforward solutions that enhance industrial productivity, whilst ensuring energy efficiency and respect towards the environment and humans. Through the Light ripper tool, its possible to…

itma 2015

Jeanologia is presenting at ITMA the first Jeans finishing plant to guarantee ZERØ® contamination    Recycling 100% of the water used, it eliminates any waste and also the use of pumice stone. The ZERØ® intelligent treatment plant enables a 90% saving on the water used each year in global Denim production. The efficient combination of…

Nano laser en el Hormiguero

Jeanologia Nano Laser main start at the famous spanish program EL HORMIGUERO 3.0. Oana Chaplin was the guest of the night she was presented with a Jean Jackect customized by Jeanologia Nano Laser  

Marithe + Francois Girbaud + Jeanologia + PROJECT

Jeanologia & with François + Marithé Girbaud revolutionize the denim industry.

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