27-28 MAY 2015 BARCELONA

Blue Technology


is the invisible soul of the Jeans Industry, nothing can change without technological innovation.

Jeanologia describes the technologies of the past, present and future that have shaped the blue jean industry, being a part of its history and its future.

With this exhibition, we want to encourage designers to take on the new creative revolution through technology. Today it is possible to break down the barriers between creativity & technology, fashionistas & technocrats, designers & engineers.

In the 21st Century, the textile industry is changing. Creativity and sustainable techniques are integrated now for more environmentally friendly jeans without losing appeal.

CREATIVITY, SUSTAINABILITY, INNOVATION & TECHNOLOGY are the key to the new industrial era.

Manufacturing is automated through technology while ensuring sustainable production, effectively eliminating waste of huge amounts of water and environmental contamination.

We do not have to sacrifice product to be green, we can make a beautiful & authentic product in a sustainable and environmental cost saving way. What matters is not only the product itself, but also the way it is made, how it is produced, that is part of the DNA of the product.

Science & fashion, engineering & art come together to optimize resources and make use of them 100%. Just like in nature: always seeking the most efficient and respectful balance between environment and people.

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